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Bolt was growing more popular in his homeland. Howard Hamilton, who was given the task of Public Defender by the government, urged the JAAA to nurture him and prevent burnout , calling Bolt "the most phenomenal sprinter ever produced by this island". [36] His popularity and the attractions of the capital city were beginning to be a burden to the young sprinter. Bolt was increasingly unfocused on his athletic career and preferred to eat fast food, play basketball, and party in Kingston's club scene. In the absence of a disciplined lifestyle, he became ever-more reliant on his natural ability to beat his competitors on the track. [41]

For the next few years, Black Bolt and his kinsmen wandered Asia, Europe, and finally America, in search of Medusa, Bolt's betrothed mate, who had been separated from the others during the battle with the Trikon. Eventually Black Bolt was reunited with Medusa when Gorgon found her in the company of the Fantastic Four . After leading an attack against the four, Black Bolt returned to Attilan when Crystal announced that his cousin Triton had been taken back by the Seeker . Black Bolt returned to face his brother, who had taken the crown of the Inhumans, and declared himself the new ruler and the future husband of Medusa. But Black Bolt was not amused by his show of power, and tore the crown from his hands, reclaiming his place as the leader of the Inhumans. Though later, once the Fantastic Four found the refuge, and Black Bolt argued with Mister Fantastic , encouraging him to leave peaceably, Maximus sealed the refuge in a Negative Zone barrier after discovering that Inhumans and humans were of the same race.

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Bolt online

bolt online


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