Today, leprosy is highly treatable and even curable — and getting infected is quite difficult, as the pathogen is notorious for being a weak bug that can’t survive long outside the body. This is why the stigma of fear, discrimination, and isolation that has surrounded the disease for thousands of years must be completely eradicated; doing so will help eradicate the disease itself. In September 2010, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution to end discrimination against lepers , and while some countries are still lagging behind these guidelines, it’s important that we overcome indifference to remove the outdated perspective on leprosy.

Spent couple of months bed ridden due to instant weakness of my leg. I could only pull my leg forward by inching my toes forward. Finally I went to a low cost/free hospital/clinic to get help because I had no insurance. It took months to receive the help I needed and by then, I was already starting to feel better.
Physical therapy got me to walking again but remember feeling a weird feeling in my knee but ignored it. I remember mild inflammation in foot and ankle but it was so mild and would come and go that I figured it was irritation from my leg and not having walked on it for months and months. The pain in my hip had nearly gone away but not quite.