Debola daniel

No wonder Ini Dey hype say she make the list of best dressed for Bella naija like say na book of life levels.
As as how na? Best dress for where
Mercy don really step up for dress code but the hair just be like say she Dey for the cast and crew of down town abbey.
Kemi resemble jidenna of classic man but the female version
Genevieve outfit be like low current Wey nepa Dey give for ijora badiya
Uche just need scarf to just tie as e be say she Dey attend wedding when e be say Ini wear wedding gown
Kate outfit na the female version of the coat of many colors Wey Jacob give Josef or better still e resemble Christmas light Wey zenith bank Dey put up. Lilian sha know say bean seed Wey Dey plant for night when day break na either Akara or moimoi dem go take am do. So hide well.

yur so lucky juila…my husband was mortified…he asked me to be honest when I showed him the sleeve after I brought it up he said maybe we can try it..then I showed him I already had bought it ..he kinda flpped out…he asked if it was very small and to be honest..and I said yes…its is…I even showed him your response and how well your bf was with all of this..and he wanted to know how small is he that she considers him very small… my husbands is around 3 1/2 erect and thin..i said I think most are 6 or 7 and that is very small compared to the ones ive seen….was that bad? are u still with your bf? how are things goin?

Debola daniel

debola daniel


debola danieldebola danieldebola danieldebola danieldebola daniel