I do all of the above right. I dress nicely, Im confident and happy. There should be no reason why Ive been single all these years. Im nearly fifty and haven’t had a date in five years, despite going out all the time and enjoying life.
We don’t all let ourselves go after forty you know! lol. Maybe its’ my town, but Im stuck here to look after my Mum, and I dont drive so I cant go that far. Im in stockport manchester… the only single men left are either drunks, dirty old men, or druggie scallywags. If there are any nice ones I sure can’t find them!
Its making me start to wonder if Im going to end up alone in my old age. Id like a nice man while Im still attractive and fairly fit.

Had to come out for this one……
Firstly,Omotola,you have nothing to prove to anybody. If you don’t go to the market,even if you don’t cook for your husband and it works for you that’s perfectly fine. As long as you both are happy,it’s no ones buisness. Personally,I hate going to the market and I’m definitely getting a cook when I finally have an empty nest.
Secondly,I’ll be damned if this is how you really pound. Hunched over like that,girl… just looks uncomfortable. Get a stool next time or better still use a food processor(I hear it gives the same result)…….and your pose for the ‘gram will be on point 😉