It presents the first flooring LVT made entirely in Europe free of chemical plasticizers, which grants to obtain the highest environmental quality standards with zero emission of volatiles, totally free of odors. DEBOLON provides a pleasant footing sensation and the highest sound absorption. Floors suitable for all types of uses: residential , commercial , industrial , ... Available in wide range of solutions, continuous and on tiles formats.
Also DEBOLON offers the possibility that you can create your floor to the letter / from a certain amount) in colours, designs and formats.
High quality floors developed and produced in Dessau since 1929.

  • High resistance to slipperiness (classification R10 according to DIN 51130).
  • Anti-reflective, very important on workspaces to avoid unwanted reflections.
  • The zones of habitual passage are not marked with those of less transit.
  • Absorption of tread sound up to 19 dB.
  • With no surface absorption, spilled liquids can be cleaned without leaving a mark.
  • No maintenance and cleaning very easy.
  • The surface is BACTERIOSTATIC and FUNGISTATIC. Healthy for public spaces.
  • Slightly elastic, it favors the tread and the comfort when walking on it.
  • Citric acid ester is used as a softener to avoid products of petroleum origin.
  • Usage class: Residential 23, Comercial 33, Industrial 42 (according to range)
Certificaciones del pavimento Debolon