Denebola ship

All eight ships took part in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm , delivering thirteen percent of all the cargo transported between the United States and Saudi Arabia during and after the Persian Gulf War. Fast sealift ships have taken part in Operations Restore Hope , Joint Guardian , Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom in addition to humanitarian relief efforts across the globe. On 1 October 2007, the United States Maritime Administration began operating all eight FSS. All eight were transferred to the Ready Reserve on 1 Oct. 2008. At this time their USNS designations were replaced with SS designations as they were no longer US Navy Ships. [1]

141 APA 175 Karnes, VC2-S-AP5
157 Kelso Victory, VC2-S-AP3
35 APA 122 Kenton, VC2-S-AP5
795 Kenyon Victory, VC2-S-AP2
142 APA 176 Kershaw, VC2-S-AP5
827 Kings Point Victory, VC2-S-AP2/WSAT (1597)/USAT
143 APA 177 Kingsbury, VC2-S-AP5
20 Kingsport Victory, VC2-S-AP3 /USAT - AK 239
638 Kingston Victory, VC2-S-AP2/WSAT (1597)/USAT
36 APA 123 Kittson, VC2-S-AP5
184 Knox Victory , VC2-S-AP3/AGM 7 Huntsville
154 Kodiak Victory, VC2-S-AP3
620 Kokomo Victory, VC2-S-AP2/WSAT (1597)/USAT
68 Koloa Victory, VC2-S-AP2

Denebola ship

denebola ship


denebola shipdenebola shipdenebola shipdenebola shipdenebola ship