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Mega and Giga became Overlord again to join BlackZarak in attacking an Earth city, but they were defeated by the power of the Autobots' newest weapon, the VX Bomb . Live? Die?! The Desperate Super-God Combination Later, as the New Year approached, Giga and Mega wanted the Decepticon family to celebrate the New Year together. However, they found Cancer sneaked out of the Decepticon headquarter and runs away with Browning, leaving behind a letter that states he doesn't want to be a Decepticon any more. As for Cancer, who thought himself could live a normal life again, only met BlackZarak who winded up attacking the city where he went to. BlackZarak displayed his dismissive attitude towards humans—even comrades—when the Autobots arrived to battle him, seizing Cancer and using him to keep the Autobots at bay. Mega and Giga soon arrived, and, horrified at the sight of their surrogate son being treated in this manner, combined into Overlord and thrashed BlackZarak for his actions. The Autobots used this opening to attack both Decepticons, forcing them to retreat back to the Decepticon base, where Mega comforted Cancer and forgave him for his rash actions. Great Turn-Around! Autobots

Although populated mainly with new characters, The Headmasters did continue to feature characters from all previous seasons, including new versions of Soundwave and Blaster , rebuilt after a duel that destroyed them both as Soundblaster and Twincast. Human Daniel Witwicky and his young Autobot friend Wheelie also played major roles in the series, serving as the youthful characters for the audience to identify with. More new characters continued to pour in when Galvatron returned to leadership and the Decepticons embarked on a space voyage, ransacking planets in a chain of stories that introduced the Horrorcons and Autobot and Decepticon Clones. The return to Earth was no less momentous, as the Decepticon ninja six-changer Sixshot killed Ultra Magnus, and the Autobot Headmasters finished off Galvatron. When the Decepticons then returned to Master, refugees from the planet were caught in a plasma bomb accident that fused them to the arms of several Autobots and Decepticons, creating the Targetmasters, and in a final move, Scorponok attempted the destruction of Earth, only to be foiled, thanks in part to a traitorous Sixshot.

Devil z transformers

devil z transformers


devil z transformersdevil z transformersdevil z transformersdevil z transformersdevil z transformers