Dht on cycle

Hi, I’m 25 and suffering from hairloss from last 7-8 years. I’m almost bald from top n front. It’s not genetic as none in paternal or maternal relatives is having hairfall issue, but still the hairfall and thinning isn’t stopping in years. A white mud kind of greasy material forms over the time on my scalp and no shampoo or lotion could help me but getting shaved remains the only solution. But within 1-2 weeks it again starts don’t know what’s the problem. This mud has eaten all my hairs. Even doctors don’t understand my issue. Please help.

Hello I am Italian, is available here dht Andractim, a few years before the intervention of metoidioplasty I wanted to take it, but I did not understand what I have and put WHERE, that is, on the clitoris, but on everything including the glans?
It burns so much? It also goes well 1 time a day? Are being treated for several years already with testoviron 250mg.
Salve sono italiano, quì è disponibile il dht andractim, qualche anno prima dell’intervento di metoidioplasty volevo prenderlo, ma non ho ben capito quanto devo metterne e DOVE, cioè sul clitoride, ma su tutto compreso il glande?
Brucia tanto? Va bene anche 1 volta al giorno? Sono in cura da diversi anni già con testoviron 250mg.

Dht on cycle

dht on cycle


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