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You’ve got questions, and our experts have some of the answers – you have the answers, too! KEEA’s 2017 conference will feature interactive, 2-way workshops and discussions where we’ll connect to find the answers together. We heard your feedback these last few years, and the improved accommodations, meeting rooms and food this year (oh, yes – there will be chocolate) will please attendees from student to executive – bring your families! Join industry leaders and experts at the beautiful Hotel Hershey campus, where our two-day format will allow for business meetings, local entertainment, spa and restaurant amenities, as well as jaunts to local sights, outlets, a brewpub and more!
Questions? Contact Kristin Seale at  kseale@

Hi William,
You can do this by adding the Font Awesome icon style to the #wrap:after pseudo element. You then use absolute positioning to place the icon where you need it; if you want it in the center, then you can combine left: 50%; with margin-left: -(half the icon size) ; Since you want it to be a background image, you’ll need to wrap the content of the div#wrap in another div and apply a z-index higher than the icon. I have made a demo of this to best explain what I mean. See here: http:///astrotim/pen/IjJzL

Diana bold font

diana bold font


diana bold fontdiana bold fontdiana bold fontdiana bold fontdiana bold font