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Steroids were invented in 1930’s not 1929. secondly it was tested on animals not humand. thirdly it was in Europe. Steve competed in the 40’s till 1950 wich was his last competition. Steve would have had to have gone to Soviet Union to get steroids or Nazy Germany were they were being tested on soldiers. Highly doubftul since Steve was in the Navy. Steroids wer brought here in 1954 by Dr. Ziegler and started experimenting on bodybuilder in late 50’s well past Steve’s competition years. which i believe was dianabol, deca was invented in 1962. Steve was a natural body builder.

Dear Truth Seeker, thank you very much for rewriting this article in a at least little bit more neutral way! This is the kind of respect that we should give to Leroy Colbert,as I think… Interestingly,you outlined here two proofs,that he was natural and really had 21-inch arms by yourself:
1. In the interview Sergio Oliva himself told that Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the first who brought steroids to the States. Well,Arnold came to US in 1968,when Leroy was already retired for many years. Leroy Colbert had his prime and his 21-inch arms in a time when Arnold still soiled his nappies! Yes,there was testosterone in the 40ies,but shall I tell you a secret? I have used testosterone by myself,best-quality german-made pharmaceutical testosterone,500mg every 5 days for 12 weeks and the only gains I had was a swollen red head and sweating like a crowd of bulls under the midday texas sun. Seriously,I had neither gains in size nor in strength only a few pimples on my back. So testosterone itself won’t bring any superior results. And I don’t want to know about the quality of the old stuff.
2. In the video you can see Jay Cutlers arm. Sure,its very big,but do you think there is such a big difference in the size compared to Leroys? All you have to do is to look at the photos and compare the size of the arm with the size of the head. Leroy Colberts arm was 100% 21-inch! My arm is almost 19-inch and when I look in the mirror and compare itwith my head it looks like a tiny grapefruit. Do you really think a bodybuilder in the 50ies would claim to be the first man with a 21-inch arm if it wouldn’t be true? No sane thinking man would do this!
Finally,I think the point is that most of us wouldn’t reach a 21-inch arm even when taking a truckload of steroids. But there are some who could it without….
Rest in Peace,Leroy!

Dianabol man youtube

dianabol man youtube


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