Haldol shots

This story begins with the narrator discussing his job at a home for disabled people called "Beverly Home." He lists some of the more unusual clients of the home, then details how he starts watching a woman shower after work every day. The narrator shares his thoughts of raping her, but would be ashamed to be seen by her. Eventually, the woman's husband comes home and the narrator decides to leave. He also details his romantic relationship with a woman whose arms and legs are disproportionately small. Despite the fact that the narrator claims to not want to get to know this woman very well, they often eat out at Mexican restaurants, where the narrator learns that this woman works at an airline ticket counter. During this relationship, he continues watching the woman shower, eventually becoming obsessed with the idea of watching her and her husband have sex. He never sees them have sex, instead he sees them argue and make up. After this, he starts dating a woman who suffered from encephalitis as a child, and half of her body is paralyzed as a result. Her paralysis is significantly worse in the morning, which the narrator calls "unwholesome, and very erotic." The narrator then discusses the woman's ex-boyfriends, many of whom have died and the narrator pities. The story ends with the narrator, a recovering drug addict, noting that he is getting a little better every day in the midst of people who he calls "weirdos." Yet, he still identifies with them as he expresses his surprise that there is a place for "people like us."

We are starting to experience these things with my mom. She is 75 – COPD and Congestive Heart Failure as well as a few other things. She had a fall 12 days ago. It does appear that her heath was declining and she was having trouble with walking loss of muscle etc. She was in hospital for 11 days and we got no where. One doctor finally discovered she was on two meds for the same thing and that was a contributor. She has been in rehab for 3 days now – The first day was great. In and out since then. I realized last night that she has something that sounds like Sundowners. I just cant see her going home – not safely anyway. It is so very difficult!

Haldol shots

haldol shots


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