Lean diet on cycle

Hi Constance, thanks for reaching out! I haven’t heard anything about anyone doing the diet while on Tamoxifen. Sorry. If you’re on facebook, there are a couple groups on there for this diet. Maybe asking the question there would give a response from someone.
As for your calorie consumption, generally its recommended to never go below 1200 calories in a day. This is because it’s pretty low and your body might start to feel deprived and then start to store fat over time. But of course this depends on each person and their gender, weight, height, activity levels, etc. I suggest upping it to at least 1200, but use a calorie calculator online to see how much you should eat daily for weight loss. Although the 17DD book says to basically not stress about calories, just eat when you’re hungry and don’t eat when you’re not hungry. Also, veggies and proteins are unlimited. Do what is best for you in your situation.

Im allready counting macros! I eat 60f, 140/165 carbs, 132 protein. A weightlift coach and nutrition coach told me that. I eat 1740 calories and I use MyFitnessPall. I weight all my food on the scale so I eat my macros every day for 2 weeks and then I have a cheat day. I do this for 6 months and I lost 7 cm on my belly and this moment Im on the same weight as I started. But with less fatt. But I really want to drop down my fatt a whole lot more but my training is also important.
I train 6 days, I do crossfit with my boyfriend. We are following the Barbell WOD on monday wednesday and fryday and The skills WOD on the other three days. We have a rest day on saturday and 2 times a week we ad a conditioning wod to the barbell/skills wod.
I did more than 12 strict pullups, I can frontsquat 90 kilo, snatch over 60 kilo and deadlift over 110 kilo. With this great programming we are following (since 2 months) the numbers are going up! I can do a whole lot more dips and pullups than before. I can squat more and press more. BUT im so hungry all the time and than I want to eat everything I can!! Im not doing it, but hungry feelings are not good. I think carb cycling is very good for me to lose more fatt and building muscle. I want to squat over 100 kilo, deadlift 140 and doining muscle ups easy. I train hard, consistend, togehter with my boyfriend! I would like to the this carb cycling fit cycle, but I need to know how much carbs I need to eat..and fatt and protein also. Can you tell me how I can calculate my macros? I think 1700 calories is very low for me, but im scared to eat more! Can you help me out with the calculation? Thnx so much!!! Greets from the Netherlands, Giacolina

I just got the book and am about to start the 17 day diet. I’m hopeful that this will be the way for me to eat healthier and cut out the junk food and sweets! I do have some quick questions.
1. It says to eat fruits and veggies raw except for carrots and tomatoes. Why? And can you not have them raw at all?
2. When do people normally have their snack? I was thinking breakfast, lunch, snack (a fruit), dinner and snack (yogurt or veggies) in the evening. Does that sound right?
3. It says to squeeze lemon into your first morning glass of water. Can you use lemon in your water thru out the day? Thank your for any help you can provide. I’m making my shopping list and am quite excited to get started!

Lean diet on cycle

lean diet on cycle


lean diet on cyclelean diet on cyclelean diet on cyclelean diet on cyclelean diet on cycle