Lol diana vs riven


This is Roxy’s Believix!
1. She doesn’t have a Believix power (such as Strength of Life), can’t activate her Tracix, Zoomix or Speedix wings and doesn’t get her Sophix or Lovix. Bloom in her incomplete Enchantix just couldn’t miniaturize herself; she still had access to her fairy dust!
2. Her attacks don’t comprise of her signature symbol (Bloom’s attacks contain hearts, Tecna’s contain triangles, Layla’s contain bubbles, Flora’s contain leaves, Stella’s contain stars and Musa’s contain musical notes).
3. In her transformation, the background doesn’t change when she strikes her final pose whereas in Believix transformations, the background changes.
4. Her transformation is always shown separately in the end even if it is a group transformation.
5. Her outfit is very simple and not dual colored neither dual-topped (Flora wears a single top but even hers is layered so as to give the illusion of two tops). Her hairdo doesn’t change. Even Tecna in her Believix changes her hairstyle. Her wings, although large, are very simple when compared to Believix wings.
6. Her transformation sequence itself is very simple and is similar to the new Charmix sequences where little if anything other than wings is formed.
7. She earned her Winx like Bloom earned hers. And as for Bloom’s enchantix, she did not completely break the rules: she went to Pyros to save her parents in the first place. That will made her face that dragon and put her life in danger so she, in effect, sacrificed herself for her parents although they were not physically present there (which was why her Enchantix was incomplete). She even completes her Enchantix in the first movie by sacrificing in the presence of her parents.
8. Believix can only be earned after Enchantix as stated by Faragonda in Season 4, Episode 2. Also, if that weren’t so Stella should have gained her Believix right in Season 1 because she made Bloom believe in fairies. If you say Bloom already believed in fairies, then she made Bloom’s parents and Kiko believe in fairies too.
9. Bloom states in the episode “In Diana’s Realm” that it is very dangerous for a fairy WITHOUT HER BELIEVIX POWERS to go on the mission (she was talking to Roxy and stopping her from going).
10. Roxy is never included in the shot in which the Winx strike their final poses together side by side (in which Stella and Tecna assume their Speedix poses).
11. Only the Believix music plays during her transformation, not the Believix song.

Lol diana vs riven

lol diana vs riven


lol diana vs rivenlol diana vs rivenlol diana vs rivenlol diana vs rivenlol diana vs riven