Mast exit plate

Metal finishes- Painting and Anodising
Clear anodising after production provides the best protection for Aluminium masts.
Average 20microns of coating gives up to 20 yrs of good protection.
Quality Urethane linear paint finish is an option-
Prior to painting, the mast and boom are sanded , acid washed & chemically etched.
We then apply 3 coats of epoxy undercoat and 3 coats of 2 pack urethane gloss.
Every care is taken in the final assembly , to minimize any corrosion. Insulating
washers are used under stainless parts and jointing compound on all fastenings.
Black anodising on all smaller components provides excellent protection as well as
a smart contrasting appearance.

4(c) For Laser sails with numbers above 153000 and sails purchased after 1st June 1993 the sail numbers shall be glued or sewn on each side of the sail, with the bottom of the starboard numbers placed along the top edge of a line placed 270mm (0 to +12mm) below and parallel to the seam below the bottom edge of the middle batten pocket. The port side numbers shall be placed along a line 270mm below and parallel to the bottom of the starboard side numbers. The starboard side numbers shall commence 100 mm (+ or – 12 mm) from the leech and the port side numbers shall end 100 mm (+ or – 12 mm) from the leech.
(Refer to sail number application diagram for procedure for applying numbers & letters)

Mast exit plate

mast exit plate


mast exit platemast exit platemast exit platemast exit platemast exit plate