Mast prop bloat

I run test year round, so Yoked is my go to. I dare say most of the gear from Titan is a little stronger then what's advertised. First cycle I ran from Titan was 12 weeks, put on 40lbs and only lost 6lbs. That being said every aspect of that cycle, diet, etc, was in check. But I couldn't have done it without Yoked and the guys from Titan. You can't beat the flavored orals either The Letro tastes so good I've got to make sure I don't eat that shit like candy. Pip is not much of an issue either, only thing that gave me it was the Test E at 500mg. So plenty of gains, gear's strong and does what it's supposed to, flavored orals are a bonus. No complaints.

My wife now resents and fears our dane Frank.. I have spent my time trying to comfort and reassure her that this was literally a freak accident in a very atypical moment of chaos in our home.. This pack has known one another and lived together for over 5 years and we have NEVER had an incident of big dog on little dog corrections or fights. As polished as those words sound, and as much as the educated side of my brain can articulate how this might have happened and why it was literally an accident and there is nothing to fear… I am consumed internally with guilt, shame and grief so deep for my beloved, sweet Paris who did not deserve what happened.

Mast prop bloat

mast prop bloat


mast prop bloatmast prop bloat