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Hi, I have done the Master cleanse a couple of Times in the past few Years, the 1st time 11 Days , felt Great, my skin look greatttttttt ….and the second time did not pass day # 3 … Why? I was so hungry and dizzy; I had no idea why … {I WAS PREGNANT} Tha’ts Why!!!!! LOL so … I recommend the Master Cleanse, I’m Cuban …from Cuba and the Sad truth is that been days without Food it wasn’t hard for me to do
{ For my Cuban people you do know what I mean } LOL…But PLEASE listen to your Body too….
I’m starting again tomorrow; I’m 176 Lbs, and so Tired ….Tired of food and honestly physically exhausted period , No energy at all , I also have a boyfriend and Honestly I’m only 34 Years old My Sexually energy has gone from 1000 to 7 …N I have O ENERGY !!!!!!!!!! , I know the weight and the crap in my system has everything to do with it…so
I’m starting again, cleansing my system starting from 0, getting Myself Back … Tomorrow is Day # 1 for me , I got all my goodies {Suplies} and I’m ready !!!!!!!!!
For all the newbie’s … do this right …read the books …Drink lots of water too , I also never did the SWF I drink tea in the Morning and tea at night {The book says is ok to do so }.
Good Luck and Keep strong …. Take Pictures if you can …It’s amazing to see the results

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The diet calls specifically for grade B maple syrup, based on the mistaken belief that the darker colored syrup is less refined than lighter colored grade A or that grade B syrup contains more nutrients. All maple syrup produced according to standard methods is made by exactly the same process. Many trees produce grade A syrup earlier in the spring and grade B later. No maple syrup is refined and there is no evidence that grade B maple syrup contains more nutrients. [7] Color and flavor are the only differences between grades of syrup.

Master juice

master juice


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