Master one gateaux

Frederic Monti, a native from France with over 30 years of pastry experience, joined the PreGel AMERICA culinary staff in 2009 as the corporate pastry chef. He has contributed to many of the industry’s top publications such as Pastry & Baking North America, Dessert Professional and So Good. Chef Frederic Monti is known for his beautiful presentations of desserts, but also for creating amazing flavors and texture combinations. His craft leads him to explore his imagination, which unfolds into impressive plated desserts, entremets, petit gateaux, and inspiring sugar and chocolate showpieces. After winning a Silver Medal at the National Pastry Team Championship in 2003, Chef Monti returned in 2007 as a member of Team Branlard and together they achieved a gold medal. Chef Monti’s many other accolades include being named one of the "Top Ten Pastry Chefs in America" in Pastry Art & Design magazine for consecutive years (2003 & 2004) and being featured on the Food Network for his dynamic sugar artistry He truly is a well-rounded chef with a plethora of experiences in all areas, and this versatility is what keeps him current and a continued force in the industry.

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Master one gateaux

master one gateaux


master one gateauxmaster one gateauxmaster one gateauxmaster one gateauxmaster one gateaux