Masteron hardening

Since we want you to always be mindful about safe steroid use, further in this article we will get you through proper cycle and dosage of Halotestin for various bodybuilders. Along with this, you will be advised how to take it safely, avoiding many of the unwanted side effects AAS are known for. We will never get tired of reminding you that safeness should be you main concern before entering any steroid cycle. Thereby, get educated and find as many points of view on the AAS you are about to use as you can, because the more you know, the easier is to prevent any side effect.

ordered quite a few products but this review is just for the norma test enanthate as the other stuff was for friends.
Started using 7 weeks ago just a ml a week. Don't use high dosages, but find if the gear is good quality then this is plenty for me to achieve my goals.
Bought the norma on offer as it was a couple of months past its expiry date, but seeing as how pharma grade only has a 2 year expiry and most underground labs have a 4 year expiry date i figured it would be fine and this has proved to be the case.
Couple of weeks in and all the usual signals that they were gtg. sex drive shooting up feeling much more focused, endurance increasing ( i train for ironmans) and the normal tell tale sign for me was my nipples starting to get a little bit sore ( i'm very susceptible to high estrogen levels)
decided to have my bloods done and was very impressed with the results. the normal range is between 7 and 31 nmols. when i was tested at my local doctors last year my levels were 12 nmols. on this test my levels were 72 nmols.

Masteron hardening

masteron hardening


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