Mastoid exploration

According to the American Society for Microbiology, middle ear infections increased in the United States from approximately three million cases in 1975 to over nine million in 1997. Middle ear infections are now the second leading cause of office visits to physicians, and this diagnosis accounts for over 40% of all outpatient antibiotic use. Ear infections are also very common in children between the ages of six months and two years. Most children have at least one ear infection before their eighth birthday.

• Anatomy Of The Temporal Bone
• Soft Tissue And Bony Approach To Temporal Bone
• Surgical Management Of Cholesteatoma
• Canal Wall Down Mastoidectomy: How I Do It?
• Pitfalls in Mastoid Surgery
• Surgery For Conductive Hearing Loss
• Speech Audiometry: Why Don’t We Do It Right?
• Auditory Neuropathy: Current Concept
• Management Of Microtia And Canal Atresia
• Facial Nerve Injury
• Facial Nerve Exploration: Video And Demo
• Cochlear Implant Candidacy
• Surgery For SNHL/ Cochlear Implant
• Auditory Brainstem Implant
• Evaluation Of Vertiginous Patient
• Medical Management Of Vertigo
• Surgery For Vertigo
• Vestibular Nerve Dissection: Video Demo
• Sudden Hearing Loss: Current Concept
• Acoustic Neuroma
• Approaches To IAC

• Soft Tissue Dissection, Cortical Mastoidectomy
• Tympanomeatal Flap, Stapedectomy And Incus Interposition
• Facial Nerve Decompression, Endolympathic Sac Exposure, Posterior Tympanotomy And Cochlear Implant
• Labyrinthine Dissection And Translabyrinthine Approach To IAC
• Middle And Posterior Cranial Fossa Approach To IAC

Speakers and Moderators:
• Prof. Datuk Dr. Lokman Saim, PPUKM, Malaysia
• Mr. Abd Majid Md Nasir, HKL, Malaysia
• Prof Dinsuhaimi Bin Haji Sidek, HUSM, Malaysia.
• Prof Prepagaran Narayanan, PPUM, Malaysia.
• A/Prof. Dr. Siti Zamratol-Maisarah, PPUKM, Malaysia
• Dr. Charlotte Chiong, Philippines
• Dr. Siti Sabzah Hashim, HSB, Malaysia
• Dr. Mohd Solahuddin Kenali, Tawakal, Malaysia
• Dr. Mohd Ridzo Mahmud, JSH, Malaysia
• A/Prof. Dr. Goh Bee See, HUKM, Malaysia
• Speaker from Austria - TBA

Mastoid exploration

mastoid exploration


mastoid explorationmastoid explorationmastoid explorationmastoid explorationmastoid exploration