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Melges 24 Kit For Sale
Price: Varies based on items purchased
Location: San Francisco, CA
Email: zks@

We sold our M24 and were planning on buying another M24. Plans are delayed a year. In preparation for the 2018 Worlds and Nationals we bought a number of sails and other equipment. This equipment is now for sale. Please contact me for individual or grouped prices. Sails: One Design - (2) North J zero jibs used once: $1000 @/ $1800 both, (1) North Black main used 5 times: $1300, (1) North A/P spinnaker (hoisted once to make sure there were no defects): $1200, (1)) North practice main: $400, (2) North practice jibs: $150 PHRF - North 100 degree kite: $600, Sobstad heavy weather main used once (smaller, less leach curve, 4 “ shorter on the hoist): $1300, Sobstad Code zero, used 6 times including practices: $1300, Other: Extra fabric hatch covers (Hutchinson) – 50% SOLD; 75% AND 100% @ $45, Keel cover (NIB) Melges factory - $45, Boom cover (NIB) Melges factory - $45, Bottom Cover (for trailering) Melges factory - $600, Jib cover – $100, Rudder Bag Melges- $80, Hatch Kite Bag (4 point clip attachment to doghouse) - $75. Contact Z at (408) 316-1091 for more info.
Posted On: Wed., March 7, 2018

One data point we have not sought, but should have, is exact knowledge of all current rudder-only weights, rather than rudder+box weights. So, we ask all members, as soon as convenient, to WEIGH YOUR RUDDERS please, separate from the rest of the structures and report that information to me via email or text. I’ll take separate parts weights too if you have them (rudder, box, tiller). We will use that information to make target weights and variations for the vendor who has been very good at working with us on such details and will make the class database of boat weights more complete. We will have to trust your bathroom scales are at least close!

The intent of server education is to help servers develop the knowledge and skills that support responsible alcohol service. By law, classes must take 3 hours and cover the following topics: The effects of alcohol on the body and behavior, including the interaction of alcohol with other drugs. Washington's alcohol sale and service laws, including drunk driving laws. Intervention techniques for dealing with intoxicated and underage customers. Responsible marketing and management procedures. At the end of each class, students take a multiple-choice test. Students need a score of 80% to pass. More than 99% of students pass the test the first time they take it. Students who fail may retake the test as many times until they pass the test. The test is designed to reinforce the learning process. It is not used to exclude students from the alcohol industry.

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