Prop primo anavar cycle

The turinabol was a great oral only cycle for 6 weeks. I got back up to my regular weight of 165 after being ill and not being able to train for months and working hard through it all. Was at 142 and was having trouble building with 4000 cal a day, turinabol gave me my 23 lb and I expirienced very little suppression due to all the bodybuilding supplements I take (2test boosters with completly different ingredients and extra fenugreek. The winstrol is being used by my friend with great success, he was experiencing test suppression but is supplementing fenugreek and is feeling great. Has trimmed of 6 inches from his waist and gained 1 on his arms also 6 week cycle. Currently taking test 400 a 12 week cycle at 600mg/wk . Heard of painfull blends but I think it is rather smooth for how concentrated it is. No complaints.

Day 1-7: - Clomiphene citrate is used as 50 mg twice daily for full 7 days.
Day 8-37: - Tamoxifene citrate at 20mg per day for full 30 days. - Exemestane at 20mg per day for full 30 days.  HCG 5000 comes in one unit vial, multi-dosed, at 5000IU. The vial is accompanied by 2ml sterile water for mixing. This is what should be done. Draw up the 2ml ampule provided with the HCG and mix it into the powdered bottle. The HCG is now used from day 8 onwards as drawn into insulin needle once per day. It is then used one day on, one day off.

Another great stack for the summer which will give user lean muscles growth and long results will be kept because of primoxyl usage.
Obviously diet, cardio i’ve been cleaning up over the past 8 weeks so im well on my way, like i said just want a bit of a helper in the lean/ripped looked for the summer!
So i’ve read up about a few different things to take and found a primoblan and anavar cycle. I want to run a 10 week cycle so it would be as follows:
weeks 1 – 2 : 2ml primo
weeks 2 – 10: 2ml primo + 50mg Anavar ED.
A few things i’m not sure on though, will i be ok injecting just twice a week? and will i need to do any PCT after the cycle? and would you suggest perhaps running a higher dose of anavar? Also just wanting general thoughts on the cycle.

Prop primo anavar cycle

prop primo anavar cycle


prop primo anavar cycleprop primo anavar cycleprop primo anavar cycleprop primo anavar cycleprop primo anavar cycle