Proviron as a sex aid

For many athletes and bodybuilders in the UK, dealing with injured cartilage, tendons, ligaments or other connective tissue can be exasperating. This type of injury often affects the joints, and obviously the time it takes these connective tissues to heal is crucial to bodybuilders and athletes. This is because the joints and limb must be kept immobilized for the tissue to regenerate. Anything that can speed up this connective tissue regeneration is therefore highly desirable. Growth hormone will stimulate increased collagen formation, which, in turn, will increase the regeneration of tendons, ligaments and cartilage, allowing the injured athlete to recover faster, adapt and get stronger for the next workout program.

I have been using this for two months, I was about 16cm (bone pressed) when I started, now I reached 17cm (non-bone pressed) or (bone pressed). I have reached my goal but I keep using the DHT because even though DHT doesn’t have any anabolic effects, it does have this very sharpening, male-like feeling on one’s brain. It truly makes me feel much more confident and relaxed when I apply some on my face. Plus my beard has never been that great.
I would recommend it for younger users because they simply will be much more sensible to DHT over their penis.
Indeed DHT has the main role in secondary sexual caracteristics’ expression (just check Wiki page), it’s truly the main hormone that makes men have a penis.
To conclude, it does work (mostly on younger users), it does make one feel very masculin and at ease.

For the athlete looking for an edge a dosing of 20mg per day will generally prove to be the minimal with 40mg per day being far more optimal. While 40mg per day will provide a nice boost in-terms of overall athletic performance if you’re really looking to transform your physique you will probably need a far greater dose. As this steroid will not provide massive amounts of lean tissue most bodybuilders will not mess with it and if they do they will necessarily take massive amounts making it a poor choice for off-season periods of growth. The dieting bodybuilder however might find a more suitable use for the steroid but again there are more efficient choices for this individual. In either case, as it is an anabolic steroid that is hepatic total use should not extend past the 8 week mark but many will find 6 weeks to be just about perfect.

For the female Turinabol user 5mg per day would be the starting point with 10mg per day being the absolute max . Most females will need to start at 5mg per day to see how they react but understand if you approach the 10mg mark you will increase the probability of virilization. While 5mg per day may not sound like much it is important to remember on a per milligram basis Turinabol appears to be much stronger in women than it is in men meaning lower doses will have a far reaching and pronounced affect.


Proviron as a sex aid

proviron as a sex aid


proviron as a sex aidproviron as a sex aidproviron as a sex aidproviron as a sex aidproviron as a sex aid