Tball team names

While the recent trend has been to drop the regional identification or broaden the regional identification, the past trend has been to change the moniker. For example, the Nth Melbourne Shinboners wanted to escape the image of being butchers so they became the Kangaroos. The Fitzroy Gorillas escaped monkey jokes by becoming the Lions and the South Melbourne Bloods metasexualised themselves by becoming the Swans. In a clear case of identity crisis, the Gold Coast Giants rugby league team changed their name to Seagulls, then Gladiators, then Chargers and then went extinct.  When rugby league returned to the Gold Coast, the team was called the Dolphins, but since the name was already taken, it had to be changed to Titans.

Picking a funny trivia team name can often make or break a trivia night because, let's face it, this may be your only chance at a win for the night. Make sure to check out our sports trivia and trivia on the Founding Fathers to get a leg up on your competition. Crafting a quiz team name that's equal parts offensive, hilarious, and topical is an art form and there are some teams that are awful at it; these are not those teams. Funny team names won't help you win (having these celebrities on your team might), but they'll definitely give you some points with the crowd.

Spitting Llamas
Head Bangin Billy Goats
Finger Puppet Mafia
Midgets With Crew Cuts
The Muffin Men
The Bomb Squad
Donkey Punchin Kangaroos
Smokin Aces
The Flaming Marshmallows
Jalapeno Hotties
Axis of Ignorance
Carpet Munchers
The Rowdy Roosters
Thunder Ducks
The Y-Nots!
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Pigs Might Fly
Attack of The Retreating Invisible Cows
Basket Brawlers
Ball Busters
Slapnut Magoos
Farting Ferrets
The Cheezeweasels
Mad Thrashers
Wood Chuckers!
The Mighty Morphin Stock Exchangers

Tball team names

t ball team names


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