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 With part of the savings from the Nationals Uniform deal, we (FXLL) will redo the infield at Chilcott this Fall and have asked the City of Fairfax for Lights on Thaiss field 2 (AA), which they have agreed to do.  These 2 projects will cost FXLL about $60,000.  We are also re-doing the infield at Eakin/Mantua park.  The County of Fairfax is splitting the $12,000 cost for this project.  This is very nice field but is unusable for days after any rain.  This renovation will raise the infield and fix the drainage issues as much as possible.  

Welcome to Greater Naples Little League!  Each year, Greater Naples Little League (GNLL) helps over 360 boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 13 learn and enjoy our national pasttime.  GNLL was franchised on May 22nd, 1959, making it the first Little League in Collier County. 

GNLL is dedicated to creating an environment that places equal emphasis on learning positive skills such as sportsmanship, competition, and team effort,  while learning the game of baseball and having fun. There are over 140 volunteers that dedicate their time to the league every season.  GNLL applauds the Board of Directors, League Volunteers, Team Managers, Assistant Coaches, and Team Parents that make the program possible.

Greater Naples Little League is a chartered affiliate of Little League Baseball, Inc. and participates within the newly designated District 27 of the Little League Southern Region. GNLL operates under the guidelines of the GNLL Board of Director's Constitution and By-laws and the Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball Incorporated of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.   

Tball zionsville

t ball zionsville


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