T-bolt trigger adjustment

Now I am going to risk getting in trouble for interjecting reality. I do not like to color within the lines, but I have found over time it is very difficult to defeat the laws of physics, no matter how hard you may try. To really understand the rimfires we need a base line. They are billed as screaming-fast, flat shooting almost miraculous cartridges. Lets play “what-if” for a moment; what if I walked up to you and said I had just discovered a high-velocity, flat shooting fantastic cartridge and proceeded with my drum roll and told you it was called the .30-30 Winchester? You would of course laugh, and then run the other way as fast as possible. Well, ladies and gentlemen, there is great similarity between the .30-30 and the .17 HMR.

back to start 14. i understand some years only came with automatics. which ones?
for turbo models, ’96 was available only with an automatic transmission. all the rest were available with manuals.
back to start 15. is any year supra more desirable than others?
not really. 93-95 are more desirable to some because their obd1 ecus are more friendly to ecu upgrades. 96-98 obd2 ecus can be quite useful in logging obd2 engine parameters and more useful error codes although they generate errors if the cats are removed unless an o2 sensor simulator circuit is installed. other than that, there are only minor differences between the model years. 16. how hard is it to convert an auto supra to a 6 speed?
pretty hard. most agree that it’s much easier to just start with a 6 speed, but if you just can’t find one and have to have a manual, there is a long list of expensive parts you will need. cost will range from about $5000 to $10,000 for parts depending on if you buy all new or try to find used. then add labor… 17. are there any common problems to look out for when shopping for a supra?
not really. just do the standard checks. look for collision damage. make sure you do a compression test on the engine. does the car feel strong? there aren’t really any major problem areas. this is a toyota after all… Share this:

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T-bolt trigger adjustment

t-bolt trigger adjustment


t-bolt trigger adjustmentt-bolt trigger adjustmentt-bolt trigger adjustmentt-bolt trigger adjustmentt-bolt trigger adjustment