Tbulb 120v 20w

We had our kitchen remodeled; new cabinets, countertop, range, refigerator, microwave, dishwasher and floor.

The cabinets around the microwave were custom made; it looks great but it hid the screws, which had to be unscrewed to remove the grill so the interior light of the microwave could be replaced.

A stand was used to support the microwave as I lowered it so the screws could exposed so the light could be replaced.

The light was replaced, the microwave was raised back into place and all is well. I replaced the bulb while my wife was out of town. When she returned she noticed that the microwave was nice and clean; she was NOT aware of the fact that the bulb was replaced!

Racine, WI

Tbulb 120v 20w

t bulb 120v 20w


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