Tbulb dimensions

LED replacement bulbs can fit numerous vehicle applications such as vanity lights, map lights, floorboard lights, glove box lights, dashboard lights, instrument cluster lights and gauge lights. This LED 194 bulb replaces a variety of traditional bulbs including 194, 168 and 912 bulbs. It has 1 LED that creates a 90° or 120° viewing angle. Miniature wedge base for easy plug-and-play installation. The energy-efficient bulb operates within a wide 9- DC range and is designed to last 10,000 hours on your car, truck, SUV, or van—8 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Available in cool white, UV (blacklight), blue, green, amber and red. Not sold in pairs. Price per bulb.

Twist the scraped end of each generator wi re securely around the silver tip of each wi re from the small light bulb. (If necessary, use a knife to strip more plastic from the ends of the light bulb wi res.) One generator wi re goes to one light bulb wi re, the other generator wi re goes to the other light bulb wi re, and the two twisted wi re connections should not touch together. In the twisted wi res, metal must touch metal with no plastic in between.   _______________ _|______________ \ |\ | \ | \ | \ | \_____________|___\ | | | \ | | \\ | | \\\====================| \\\========---=========/___ |\\========(\\)========/ \ -----+-\==========(_)=======/ \ / | ==================== | | | | | | | \ | | | | \|__________________| | | | \ / \ twist / \ {} twist {} / \ {} {} / \____/\______ _______/\__/ \_/ ( ) ( ) tiny (_) light bulb TEST IT Spin the magnet REALLY fast and the bulb will light dimly. If it doesn't work, try spinning it in a dark room so you don't miss the dim glow. If needed, adjust the position of the magnets so they don't hit or scrape the cardboard. This thing has to spin *fast*, and if the magnets whack the cardboard and slow down, you won't see any light. (IF IT DOESN'T WORK, SEE " DEBUGGING ")
Once you get it to work, try clamping the point of the nail into the chuck of a hand-crank drill. Spin the magnets fast with the drill and the bulb will light brightly. Don't go too fast or you'll burn out the bulb, or maybe fling magnets all over the room. You can try this with an electric drill as well, although electric drills don't spin as fast.
Note: your generator produces Alternating Current, not Direct Current. The output voltage is about 2 volts max, so there is no electric shock hazard at all.

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Tbulb dimensions

t bulb dimensions


t bulb dimensionst bulb dimensionst bulb dimensionst bulb dimensionst bulb dimensions