Tren ace mast prop dosage

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I recently ran the bomb labs mast prop and honestly be,I've its the best mast I have ever used. I was pinning 80mg eod and within a few hours after every injection I got a big spike in my sex drive. It was to the point I was like a raging animal, I was walking around with half a hard on and needed sex immediately. This happened consistently several hours after every shot. The mast also brought out some nice vascularity, I had more veins in my arms than usual and I got two veins bulging in my mid section. Those veins only come out when I'm real vascular. Luckily for me I don't get any negative sides from mast and never noticed a single hair fall out,

Overdue review from past winter (wanted to finish up and pct before analyzing). Had complication with another source that ended up losing my order so I returned swiftly to good ole RS to get the job done. Timely delivery and solid gear. Was mostly running slightly above maintenance calories during the cycle in order to gain slight lean mass with a focus on recomp, yet found myself going from 195 to 210 with ease and even (guessing here) a likely drop from 12-13% BF to around 10%. Best part was the strength I mean f*** bro. Sh*t got real about 7 weeks in at only 350mg tren ace a week. Deadlift went up 75lbs and squat went another 50. I avoid conventional barbell bench as I believe it's hard on the shoulders, but I feel my number on incline DB press were pretty bomb too with 120's going for 6-8 reps.

Tren ace mast prop dosage

tren ace mast prop dosage


tren ace mast prop dosagetren ace mast prop dosagetren ace mast prop dosagetren ace mast prop dosagetren ace mast prop dosage