Weight gain steroids tablets

Hi Matt, my name is Mari and I’m vegetarian for 7 years now and vegan for about 8 months. It’s been about an year I started running, and now that I’ve achieved my weight goal, I would like to gain some muscles, because I didn’t really like the way I turned out to be (skinny and tiny). I bought some soy protein powder (I’m from Brazil, so it’s a nacional label) and I drank it for 3 days, 1 scoop (something like 30g of protein) with water. I got so SO swollen and it destroyed my stomach (it hurt for days), so I stopped drinking it. I haven’t bought another type of protein yet (rice or pea), but I was wondering if you have/had the same problem with soy protein as well. Just to make it clear that I’m not allergic to soy, ’cause I eat looots of soy products and I’ve never felt this bad before. I really wanted to drink some powder after my workout, but I don’t know what to do! Do you have any tips? Thank you so much!

Hi Kristy,
I also have a GSD. She is around 78 pounds, and we feed her ~ cups of Victor Grain-Free Joint Health Beef Meal and Sweet Potato. She lost weight (which was the desired result because we need to keep her slim due to her hip dysplasia). She’s continuing to eat Victor and has maintained quite nicely.
On the other side, we have a presa canario (around 70 lbs) who has two bad ACLs, and we can’t seem to put any weight on her on the Victor food. We feed her 4-5 cups a day, and she isn’t gaining a pound. (Talk about expensive—especially with three dogs.)
If anyone else can post good experiences about premium dog food that helps dogs gain weight, I’d appreciate it!!

Weight gain steroids tablets

weight gain steroids tablets


weight gain steroids tabletsweight gain steroids tabletsweight gain steroids tabletsweight gain steroids tabletsweight gain steroids tablets